Setup - 162

Hi, welcome to Kustom Bee . This is our 162nd Setup. This setup is easily Applicable For any android device.

Launcher : Nova Launcher
Widget : Frost KWGT   ( KWGT and KWGT Pro needed )
Icon : Beeline and Beeline White
Wallpaper :  Download
Status Bar : Lhotse KWGT
Music Widget : Elega KWGT

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Thank you

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Rules for setup submission -
1. Write all the details
          • Launcher name and link
          • Widgets names and links
          • Icon Pack name and link
          • Wallpaper link or wallpaper app link

2.a. If you have telegram a account then send via telegram and don't forget to add #Submit in which setups you want to post in our group
2.b. If you don't have a telegram account then send via Gmail.

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